Projects & Publications

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be+ App

Combining emplyoee benefits, a transparent pension overview, best in class financial products & daily HR business in ONE app.

DATEV Klartax

Building the first B2C digital tax portal for DATEV eG - one of the largest cooperatives and IT service providers in Germany. So far, the name DATEV was primarily known in the B2B area.


Co-Found an IIoT start-up dedicated to AI-based decision support. Taking away the room for interpretation in data by giving managers recommendations how to take action based on previous actions of other leaders.

Mrs. Pantry

A product scanner to avoid unnecessary food waste by always knowing if something is in stock at home, so you don't have to buy it. Converts a conventional refrigerator into an intelligent one by keeping track of what's inside.

Nürnberg Liefert

Building a brand and platform for local restaurants that provides a simple overview of the menu and how to order.