Robin Schreiner
Senior Service Designer, UI/UX Expert & Transformation Consultant

Hello, nice to meet you!

current position:

adorsys GmbH & Co. KG – Nürnberg

Senior Service Designer & UI/UX Expert
  • Supervision of design teams for various clients.
  • Helping clients and colleges to achive a shift in mindset.
  • Analysis of the current business and processes for weak points and the necessary steps to resolve them.
  • Force design driven thinking in all units.
  • Implementation and development of future-proof digital strategies.
  • Development of business models.
  • Improving the quality of visual output in day-to-day & project business.
  • Mentoring of less experienced designers.
  • Lead pitches and new business projects from scratch.
  • Establishing an innovation spirit in the company.
  • Conducting user surveys and market research.
  • Streamlined the UX and performance of websites, landingpages, and application routes for various financial producs.
  • Identified business potentials for clients.


Everything besides the usual business
  • 1.5 years participation in the Academy of Digital Transformation (shiftschool).
    Besides Art Direction, I'm now totaly able to provide Innovation Management, Digital Business Modelling, Big Data Management, Business Opportunities, Customer Centered Strategy, Financial Modelling, Sales Process Engineering, Customer Acquisition, User Experience Design, Customer Insights, Brand Building, Contextual Design, Multi-Channel Marketing, Customer Relations, Growth Mindset, Design Thinking....
  • Developed various products from scratch to business model & prototyping.
    Write me an email to hear more about Mrs. Pantry, Raketenbasis Ronnika, Laszivo3000 and more.
  • Co-Fouder of DECAIDE – an IIoT-Startup dedicated to AI-based decision support for leaders.
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