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Robin Schreiner

Product & Business Builder, UX-Designer, Digital Generalist, Nerd from the heart and crazy about the future.

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About me

I'm currently Head of Product and take responsibility for the overall experience, development and strategy of be+. I lead projects and teams that shape the future of products. Also I acts as a link between decision-makers, development, business requirements and the users.

In Short

  • Leading Projects and Teams
  • Product Owner, Scrum Master / Agile Methods
  • Helping products grow and organizations evolve.
  • Modeling Digital Businesses
  • User Experience Design
  • Art Direction & Interaction Design
  • Collaborative Mindset
  • Design Thinking & Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Conduction Workshops & Trainings
  • Public Speaking, Presentation & Pitch-Experience

Work Experience

October 2020 – Today
1.5 years

Head of Product be+

  • Responsibility for the overall experience, development and strategy of be+
  • Keeping close alignment with all stakeholders.
  • Development of a future-proof roadmap and product strategy.
  • Improve the UX, visual output and performance of be+.
  • Ensure be+ delivers maximum customer value in line with the product vision.
  • Responsible for Creative direction, UX and UI of be+ applications and marketing.
  • Plan, build & implement a component based design system based on Figma.
  • Constantly changing flight level from strategy on an annual basis to getting my hands dirty in the code.
  • Conduction user research and use data to support design decisions.
  • Track and monitor milestones, actual implementation progress against plan and metrics.
  • Foster a collaborative & agile culture.
  • Conduction workshops around agile methodologies, change processes and a digital mindset.
  • Speaking at HR events about the future of work / new work.

May 2018 - September 2020
2.5 years

Lead Designer, Team- & Project leadadorsys

  • Supervision of design teams for various clients and various types of projects.
  • Leading a team (tribe) of 16 cross-functional people.
  • Align and coordinate product development across multiple teams to ensure dependencies are dealt with inside as well as outside the project.
  • Implementation and development of future-proof digital strategies.
  • Development of business models.
  • Improving the quality of visual output in day-to-day & project business.
  • Force design driven thinking in all units.
  • Mentoring of less experienced designers.
  • Lead pitches and new business projects from scratch.
  • Streamlined the UX and performance of websites, landing pages, and application routes for various products (including finance, insurance, industry, ...).
  • Responsible for (7-figure) project budgets and forecasts in large-scale, complex projects with over 100 team members.
  • Definition of project scopes and strategic support for customers in the creation of product roadmaps. Ensuring that budgets and customer requirements are met.
  • Identifying and analyzing trends. Recommend fast actions and give insights on long-term strategic impact.
  • Foster a collaborative, agile culture and define the associated prerequisites such as agile processes, communication channels and common tools for all teams.

August 2011 - May 2018
6.5 years

Art Director & Lead Designer arsmedium

  • Supervision of designers & art direction for main clients.
  • Implementation and development of future-proof digital strategies.
  • Improving the quality of visual output in day-to-day & project business.
  • Mentoring of less experienced designers.
  • Lead pitches and new business projects from scratch.
  • Establishing an innovation spirit in the design team.
  • Conducting user surveys and market research.
  • Initiated and organized the agency-wide transition from Adobe Photoshop to Sketch.
  • Constantly increasing performance for my customers (40% more turnover) in highly competitive industries.
  • Streamlined the UX and performance of websites, landing pages, and application routes for various financial products.

Worked with

I hade the honor to work with, and for...

Client-Logo for adidas
Client-Logo for Cherry
Client-Logo for DATEV
Client-Logo for Hitradio N1
Client-Logo for Neumarkter Lammsbräu
Client-Logo for o2
Client-Logo for PUMA
Client-Logo for SIEMENS
Client-Logo for Staedtler
Client-Logo for TARGOBANK
Client-Logo for Telefonica
Client-Logo for WMF

Sideprojects & Initiatives

I have started and built a few things in the past and am probably building the next entry right now...

Logo for shiftschool

Academy of Digital Transformation @ shiftschool

  • Learned building modern businesses in rapidly and fast changing environment.
  • Skills including Innovation Management, Digital Business Modeling, Big Data Management, Business Opportunities, Customer Centered Strategy, Financial Modeling, Sales Process Engineering, Customer Acquisition, User Experience Design, Customer Insights, Brand Building, Contextual Design, Multi-Channel Marketing, Customer Relations, Growth Mindset, Design Thinking....
  • Developed various products from scratch to business model & prototyping.
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Logo for Decaide

Co-Founder of DECAIDE

⭐️ Winning SIEMENS Challenge in the Zollhof Hackbay 2018.

An IIoT start-up dedicated to AI-based decision support for managers. The aim is to recommend appropriate measures to managers before an incident occurs. The second part is a Tinder-like app that enables the knowledge of many factor managers to be digitally evaluated and made accessible.

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Logo for Nürnberg Liefert

Founder "Nürnberg Liefert"

A local platform for restaurants and bars to promoter their delivery/pick-up services without the need to build an own website in times of corona.

Now transformed into a local delivery service as part of a campaign from the City of Nuremberg and the industry chamber of commerce. My Domain, Branding and Logo is used by the campaign. More information about Nürnberg Liefert

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Logo for Mrs. Pantry

Co-Founder Mrs. Pantry

Avoid unnecessary food waste by always knowing if something is in stock at home, so you don't have to buy it. MVP of a simple electronic device that converts a conventional refrigerator into an intelligent one by keeping track of what's inside.

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Logo for Digitale Perlen

Co-Founder of Digitale Perlen

Think tank for society in the process of technological and cultural change. Consisting of people in corporations, medium-sized companies, start-ups, self-employed and scientific workers.