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Nürnberg Liefert

The idea was to help out our local eateries during the pandemic, but we weren't really keen on relying solely on delivery services. Unfortunately, some of our go-to spots didn't have the means to do their own deliveries. So, I thought of creating a hub for hungry folks to easily find nearby restaurants, while also sparing these restaurants the trouble of having to manage their own websites (if they even have one).

Nürnberg Liefert


The project “Nürnberg Liefert” emerged as a response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With restrictions on dining in restaurants, there was a growing demand for food delivery and take-away services to support both customers staying at home and struggling local eateries. However, many of these restaurants lacked the infrastructure for their own delivery services and were hesitant to rely solely on third-party delivery platforms due to high fees and loss of control over their brand.

Concept & Progress

To address these challenges, I used a strategic approach grounded in design thinking and design sprints. The concept focused on creating a centralized platform where local restaurants could offer delivery and take-away options without the need for individual websites. By streamlining the process and reducing barriers to entry, the project aimed to empower restaurants to reach customers directly while providing a seamless experience for users seeking convenient dining options.

Design Process

The design process for “Nürnberg Liefert” was guided by the unique identity of Nuremberg and principles of public service design. Embracing a modern and professional aesthetic, the platform was designed to reflect the city’s cultural heritage while prioritizing usability and accessibility for both merchants and customers. Through careful attention to detail and user feedback, the design team ensured that the platform not only met the needs of its users but also aligned with the values of the community it served.

In addition to aligning with Nuremberg’s brand and public service design principles, the design process for “Nürnberg Liefert” prioritized responsiveness and mobile-friendliness. Recognizing the prevalence of mobile devices in modern consumer behavior, the platform was meticulously crafted to provide an optimal user experience across all screen sizes. Through a combination of flexible layouts, intuitive navigation, and streamlined interactions, the design team ensured that users could easily access and navigate the platform on smartphones and tablets. By embracing responsive design principles, “Nürnberg Liefert” aimed to maximize accessibility and convenience for customers while reinforcing its commitment to innovation and user-centricity.



The service was adopted by the Chamber of Commerce and transformed into a delivery service for Nuremberg merchants that provides a hassle-free shopping experience where products are conveniently delivered home, ideally on the same day. This not only facilitates shopping but also relieves the city center, the environment, and customers. The Nuremberg retail sector benefits from new opportunities to remain attractive, meet the demand for locality, and establish additional pillars for future resilience.