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Simple Meeting Timer

I was missing a fullscreen timer for meetings and workshops that was as simple to use as the famous TimeTimer. So I did it myself.

Simple Meeting Timer

Hey there, let me tell you about my little project, the Simple Meeting Timer. So, you know when you’re in a meeting or workshop, and you need a timer that’s easy to use? Well, I felt the same way. I wanted something like the TimeTimer, but digital, fullscreen and straightforward. So, I decided to create it myself.

The Challenges

Feeling the need for a straightforward fullscreen timer for meetings and workshops similar to the famous TimeTimer, I just started creating one myself.

The Idea

The idea was born to combine all benefits a company offers on one easy usable platform and to make the benefits of for example the company pension more transparent for the employees to generate a feeling of appreciation and at the same time digital transform hr processes.

Design & Development Process

When it came to design, I kept things simple and clean. Dark mode? Yeah, I added that for those late-night sessions. ;-) I focused on readability with crystal clear and bold typo for sharing screens during team meetings or Google Meets and to be readable from the other side of the room. Now, as for development, I stuck with good ol’ JavaScript, keeping it simple and functional. No fancy stuff, just a timer that gets the job done.


Exactly what I was aiming for. The timer does its thing without any unnecessary frills. What did I learn? Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one. So, next time you need a straightforward timer for your meeting or workshop, you know where to find it.