• UX Manager at SIEMENS

    Product Owner for a scaled Design System as part of a large scale IT Transformation project
    On a journey to harmonize all digital touchpoints

    Successfully established and expanded a product and brand from scratch, driving a revolutionary shift in finance product sales while achieving a remarkable design reputation and maintaining exceptionally low churn rates. I oversaw the entire spectrum of be+ applications, brand, and marketing, directing creative strategies and user experiences. Engaging in negotiations with C-level customer executives, I ensured alignment with stakeholders and a focus on delivering optimum customer value in line with our product vision. Utilizing user research and data-driven insights, I guided design decisions and introduced a Figma-based component design system. By cultivating an agile and collaborative culture, I orchestrated workshops on agile methodologies, change processes, and digital mindsets, and further shared insights on the future of work through keynote speeches at various events.

  • Chief Product Officer at be+

    Build Product and Brand from 0 → 1
    Created a fundamentally new way of selling finance products
    Recognized for the outstanding design
    Churn Rate at almost 0 %

    Responsibility for the overall experience, branding, development and product strategy of be+. is your reliable companion in the HR world, simplifying tasks, reducing paperwork and boosting employee satisfaction. It comes packed with handy tools like time tracking, document sharing, vacation management, and digital payroll. With a focus on transparency, it puts a spotlight on company benefits such as mobility, net wage optimization, health perks, and more, making them easily accessible and understandable.

  • Lead Designer & Project Lead at adorsys

    Helped major a B2B Client to successfully enter B2C-Market
    Grew existing customer budget from 6-figure, to a 7-figure budget in 1 year
    Developed leadship structures together with a selected team and founders of adorsys

    I managed large IT projects with a focus on design & UX and was co-leader of a 16-person cross-functional team (Tribe). My daily work consisted of coordinating the product development together with the teams, product owners and stakeholders as well as improving the user and thus business impact through solid UX fundamentals. A project example - Development of the first B2C app for one of the largest software companies in Europe, which offers solutions for tax consulting, auditing, business and legal advice. We provided support from the initial idea, through the first prototypes to the market launch with strategic consulting, project management, design, UX management, front and back development as well as the coordination of the development teams. I also mentored designers, led pitches and provided strategic advice to clients of different sizes and industries.

  • Art Director & Lead Designer at arsmedium

    Our work helped our customers constantly increasing performacne (40% more turnover) in highly competitive industries.
    Initiated and organized the agency-wide transition from Adobe Photoshop to Sketch.
    Faster filehandling, components-based work, collaboration, versioning and better developer handoff and other increased efficiency by +25 %.

    I oversaw designers and provided art direction for key clients, drove the implementation of digital strategies, elevated visual quality in daily and project tasks, mentored junior designers, initiated pitches and spearheaded new business projects. I conducted user surveys and market research, and optimized UX and performance for financial products' websites, landing pages, and apps. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in achieving an over 40% increase in customer performance in highly competitive sectors, orchestrated the agency-wide transition from Adobe Photoshop to Sketch, and achieved a 25% efficiency boost through streamlined file handling, component-based workflows, enhanced collaboration, version control, and improved developer handoff processes.