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Meze & Mindset Eventseries

The relaxed afterwoork event where Finger-licking Food, Fantastiv Flavours, Fabulous Finewines & Friends come together.

Meze & Mindset Eventseries

Challenges Addressed

After the challenges brought by the pandemic, there was a collective longing for social connections. Fortunately, The Foodklub, our newfound favorite spot in Erlangen, recently opened its doors. Many of us frequented the restaurant in the evenings and enjoyed their coworking space during the day, relishing the company of cool, relaxed, and open-minded individuals. However, amidst the enjoyment, it became evident that most afterwork events were centered around selling products or promoting businesses. I wanted to shift the focus back to people - regardless of their profession, status, or industry.


In this laid-back atmosphere, the idea to establish a regular afterwork event with no agenda, business cards, or dress code - and definitely no sales pitches - began to take shape.

Sven and Mischal, the heads of Foodklub, embraced our vision and graciously offered their venue, which naturally aligned with their concept of meze.

Meze is not just a meal; it’s a journey shared with friends, where every bite brings us closer together. Every plate is a shared experience, and every friend is a cherished companion.

Design & Branding

As a creative person I know how important a distinct visual appearance and brand is. Design plays a pivotal role in shaping the identity and experience of any local event, especially in a vibrant city like Erlangen. From the moment attendees set foot in the venue to their interactions with promotional materials, every visual element contributes to the overall ambiance and perception of the event.

Logo Design:

Alt Crafting a unique logo was paramount to establishing the identity of Meze & Mindset. Drawing inspiration from the communal spirit of Meze gatherings, the logo reflects warmth, inclusivity, and the dynamic exchange of ideas.

Topic Cards on the Table:

Alt To facilitate engaging discussions and foster a sense of community, topic cards were strategically placed on each table. These cards featured thought-provoking prompts related to various topics such as disruption, New Work, marketing, and startups, encouraging guests to delve into meaningful conversations.

Social Media:

Alt Leveraging the power of social media, we created vibrant and engaging platforms to extend the Meze & Mindset experience beyond the physical gatherings. Our social media pages serve as a digital hub for sharing event highlights, promoting discussions, and connecting with our community on a broader scale. Through visually captivating content and interactive engagement, we aim to reinforce our brand values of inclusivity, creativity, and intellectual curiosity.

Event Journey

In 2023 Meze & Mindset was born, a place where individuals could come together every first Wednesday of the week. Our gatherings, attended by a regular 10 to 24 visitors, were characterized by shared meze platters and fine wines from The Foodklub. As guests mingled, stories flowed freely, creating an atmosphere rich in camaraderie and shared experiences. The discussions ranged from topics of disruption and gastronomy to personal anecdotes, fostering an environment where everyone felt valued and heard.


Since its establishment in 2023, Meze & Mindset has become a place where every dish tells a story and every conversation creates lasting memories. It has successfully evolved into a hub for individuals seeking meaningful connections and enriching experiences in a relaxed and welcoming environment. The project underscores the importance of fostering genuine interactions and nurturing communities.

If you are around be sure to give a visit and enjoy some delecious food.