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Project overview

* Product description 3-4 sentences for the overview

Problem to solve
Margot Foster
My Role
Backend Developer
Project length
Methods used
Tools & Techstack

Exploration & Discovery

* Workshops, * Competitive analysis, * Personas, * UX audit, * Surveys, * Interviews, and * Sketches. Make sure that for everything you mention you answer at least these three questions: 1. Why did you choose to do it? 2. What did you find out? 3. How did that influence your next move?

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Design & Development

Now that we understand the scope of the project, we’re eager to see how you went on to design a solution. You can achieve a great structure here if you start from more abstract ideas and move towards the final design: * What did you want to achieve by doing this? * How did this step contribute to the final design?